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It’s no secret that Asheville has a bounty of artists living and working in and around the city. With such a stunning landscape surrounding us, it’s no wonder that creativity comes so naturally to us mountain folk.  It’s also no wonder that we have dozens of fantastic art galleries showcasing hundreds of unique and powerful artists of all disciplines. Sometimes that can be overwhelming - knowing where to go, what to see, who to follow. Luckily for all of us, Asheville is also home to some amazing groups that seek to connect us with the artists thriving in the area. One of the most well known of the bunch, the Art Connection Tour, is showcased below.

Art Connection Tour, by Sherry Masters

What It Is

The Art Connection Tours are organized and thoughtful tours that take place over the course of one or two days. Participants actually go inside the studios of working artists, and as a result can become intimated not only with the artist, but with the individual pieces being made. Tour goers will have the unique opportunity to hear the from the artist as he or she turns a piece on the lathe or the wheel, or applies the finishing strokes to a canvas. Insight is gained.  Relationships are made.

What It Does

These intimate tours accomplish several really powerful things - perhaps the most intense of which is that they connect art lovers and collectors with the makers, the creators. The tours also invite art lovers to view the process, rather than simply the finished product. In doing so, participants become connected to not just a piece, but the process itself. To see the delicate movements of a hand on wet clay is astounding, the quick brush strokes of a painter truly remarkable. Tour goers get to experience that one on one, making for a truly memorable experience.

Scheduled tours take place frequently, each with a different combination of artists. Private tours can also be arranged and hand tailored to fit the needs of busy visitors to the area. The tour guide, Sherry Masters, is both compassionate and knowledgeable - she shares with participants her own sense of wonder and excitement.

For a schedule of upcoming events, click here!  

Where to Stay

Peaceful Mountain Retreat - an artist's haven!Carolina Mornings has dozens of vacation rentals in and around the Asheville area - each one as unique and beautiful as the pieces of art dotting our fantastic corner of the state. Whether you’re looking for a quiet mountain retreat or a home in the center of the city, our Vacation Planners will work with you to find the perfect home away from home. To begin planning your trip to the area, contact the Carolina Mornings Team at 877-902-9441. Be sure to ask about our Mountain Discovery Pass (included with every Carolina Mornings Rental!), which includes Biltmore Estate Tickets and outdoor adventures such as ziplining and whitewater rafting!

By: Dana Carrico

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