The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is perhaps the most popular attraction in the area, and for good reason! Built by George Vanderbilt between 1889 and 1895, the 178,926 square foot mansion is the largest privately owned house in the United States. It is the most prominent remaining relic of the Gilded Age. A visit to the Estate is all-encompassing. It’s wise to devote a full day to touring the home, the gardens and the trails (though if you can give 2 days to the task, even better!). Though there are many activities from which to choose, we’ve outlined a small portion of them below.

The House

The main house is truly a sight to behold. With more than 250 rooms spread out over the house, it is perhaps the largest home that most of us will ever encounter. When considered within its place in history, the house becomes a kind of wonder - there are electric elevators, forced air heating, an intercom system - things that we take for granted in our modern and advanced world but were truly groundbreaking in the 19th century.

As you tour the house, you’ll notice small but impressive details in the home. One of the dining rooms has embossed leather wallpaper. A guest room is outfitted with velvet from floor to ceiling. George Vanderbilt’s bedroom is wallpapered in 24 carat gold on burlap. Portraits painted by James Whistler hang on the walls. Rare Flemish tapestries dating back to the 1500’s decorate the grand dining room. Hidden panels are everywhere, leaving you to wonder where they lead, who used them, why they were installed. A visit to the house never becomes passe - each visit reveals something new and exciting that you missed on the last tour.

The Restaurants

The Biltmore Estate is home to many restaurants. Your dining choice will ultimately depend upon the sort of outing you had planned when you came to the Estate. The restaurants in Antler Village are many and varied - Cedric’s Tavern is designed after a British pub and the menu reflects that style - fish and chips is a classic choice. The Bistro has a seasonally based menu, with many of the items grown on property. The Smokehouse embraces the delicious theme of Carolina Barbeque and other Southern Favorites.

Next to the Biltmore House in the Stable area is the Courtyard Market - a casual food court that offers thoughtful yet quickly prepared meals. They are downright famous for their gourmet hot dogs and smoked sausages. Surrounding the Courtyard Market are various specialty shops such as an icecream shop and a bakery.

Check out our guide to dining at The Biltmore - while it’s not all inclusive, it does provide a nice introduction to your choices.

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Staying Local

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