Things To Do Mt. Mitchell

Mt. Mitchell

Mt. Mitchell, the area’s most popular attraction, is not just the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains, but the highest peak East of the Mississippi River. Visitors from all over the world hike its trails, swim in its swimming holes, and b...

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Things To Do Favorite Hikes

Favorite Hikes

Burnsville is in a prime location for trail access in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mountain bikers, avid hikers, nature lovers, and casual strollers find themselves drawn to the majestic beauty of the area and awestruck upon departure. Alive with the sw...

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Things To Do A History of Craft

A History of Craft

Western North Carolina has a strong and vibrant history based in craft.  Our Appalachian heritage has instilled in us a deep respect for the resources around us and our artists have taken that respect and created beautiful work based in area tra...

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Things To Do Gem Mining

Gem Mining

The forests and rivers of Western North Carolina are filled with precious stones.  Aquamarine, emerald, tourmaline, sapphire – these are but a few of the treasures to be found at any one of the local gem mines.  Gem mining is an impor...

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Things To Do Mountain Air Country Club

Mountain Air Country Club

As Burnsville’s premier private club, Mountain Air Country Club offers the community and its visitors some of the best family-oriented fun in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  With a private air strip, fine dining options, golf and tennis courses...

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Things To Do Where To Stay

Where To Stay

Renting a vacation home in Burnsville is a rewarding endeavor.  Whether you're looking to bring your family back to nature or explore the hidden magic in the forests of North Carolina, the beauty of the area will leave you with a truly memorable...

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