Thing To Do
Waynesville, Maggie Valley, and the surrounding small towns are some of the most family friendly and welcoming towns in all of Western North Carolina - which is saying quite a bit considering how seriously North Carolinians take the concept of southern hospitality! Activities like white water rafting, ziplining, and mountain biking get a lot of press (for good reason, those activities are at the heart of Western North Carolina), but for those who would rather have an easy going but down right good time, we've highlighted a few of our favorite Waynesville/Maggie Valley activities.
Fantasy Golf and Gameroom
A family business located in the heart of Maggie Valley, NC, Fantasy Golf and Game Room is an 18 hole masterpiece that features waterfalls, a lighthouse, and some breathtaking views from the 18th hole tower.  An excellent outing for families, couples, or friends look for a wholesomely good time, the Game Room will make you laugh with delight.

Tube World
Tube World is open from mid-December through the first of March (weather permitting).  It is a blast back to simpler times when a sled ride through the winter landscape was the greatest joy there ever was. Perfect fun for all ages, Tube World is a fantastic day trip that will leave you feeling in love with life! It is conveniently located just four miles from Maggie Valley and just across the way from Ghost Town in the Sky.

Maggie Valley Rock Shop 
Maggie Valley Rock Shop is a favorite among locals. The old stone building on Soco Road that houses the shop is a beautiful relic of years past and within its doors, visitors will find treasures pulled right from the earth.  Gemstones, minerals, fossils, hand made jewelry, sculpture and more are yours to discover in this family owned shop nested in the the Great Smoky Mountains.