Thing To Do
This corner of North Carolina has such a rich and vibrant history standing behind its many and varied communities.  Dozens of museums around Western North Carolina support that history, and in Waynesville and Maggie Valley there are two that stand out above others.  Drawing in thousands of visitors every year, the museums highlighted below are fantastic outings for those visiting the area.
Wheels Through Time Museum
Home to the world's premier collection of rare and historic American Vintage Motorcycles, Wheels Through Time Museum is a fascinating glimpse into America's vast history of rare, classic motorcycles.  Currently, over 30 marques are on display - including Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Henderson, and many more.  Founded in 1993, he Wheels Through Time Museum has become and a vitally important component in preserving American motorcycle history.  
Shelton House: Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts
The Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts seeks to preserve the vast and important history of craft in the Southern Appalachian region. Both Native American and North Carolina heritage artisans are featured in the museum and each piece of treasure has its own unique and rich story to tell. Visitors will journey through both the historic Shelton House and the barn on property to see these historical gems displayed much in the way they would have been when they were made, used, and cherished.