Thing To Do
The Hot Springs Spa is one of the area's most invigorating and relaxing locations to experience the natural amenities of the mountains.  Heated deep within the earth, the carbonated mineral waters are world famous for their legendary healing powers.  Piped into modern outdoor tubs that are positioned along the peaceful banks of Spring Creek and the French Broad River, the waters are harnessed to be experienced and enjoyed on this fantastic 100 acre Resort and Spa.  Nationally certified and state licensed massage therapists are on hand to offer the next step in luxury.   

A History of Healing

The Hot Mineral Springs were discovered by a group of mountaineer settlers in the late 18th century.  Artifacts uncovered at the site indicate that the Cherokee Indians used these springs for their curative powers for many years before the settlers arrived.  The town of Hot Springs was formed around these springs, beginning with a tavern in 1788.  It became a popular stopping point for travelers during the American Revolution and for the drovers herding livestock on the road from Greenville, TN to Greenville, SC.  Over the next 200+ years, Hot Springs, NC would develop into a popular destination for rest and relaxation.  That tradition is continued today with the many amenities offered by businesses centered in the town.