The Scoop on Poop in Asheville, NC

If your child is like mine, they are at their wits end by this time of year with staying indoors. My son, only 7 months old, has entered into his first illness and can't stand that we haven't left the house in 2 days. He stares out the window longingly, wishing for something, anything, to come and drag us out into the rain of today. Gratefully, Asheville is full of things to do in the wintertime, many of which are indoors (and are a lifesaver for Mama's like me with recovering-from-illness little ones). One such place that straddles the line of great-for-nice-outdoor-days and great-for-not-so-nice-indoor-days is the North Carolina Arboretum. I am particularly wanting to share their exhibit opening tomorrow, The Scoop on Poop. This exhibit really is interesting for the whole family, covering the subject of what we humans choose to do behind doors, but what most of the natural world does out in the great wide open. As a newer Mama, I don't expect my little guy to understand or take much with him from the exhibit, but it interests me enough to bundle him up and carry him around in our wrap to visit the exhibit, be it a nice, cold or rainy afternoon. This will help us both with our cabin fever!
The exhibit, which they say is hands on, is a traveling one, and it will stay in Asheville until May 9, 2010. Plan your trip now, in the winter, and enjoy one of the many winter specials that Carolina Mornings has to offer in our cozy vacation rentals. Curl up next to a fire and relax in your getaway one day, and visit the Arboretum for a taste of WNC outdoors and The Scoop on Poop the next. Carolina Mornings has a mountain retreat just for you!