Donna the Buffalo in Asheville, NC

Here is one fun show, great for the whole family (if you get a chance to see them at a venue that isn't 18+)! Donna the Buffalo, as the website states, plays "...eclectic and often socially conscious music [that has it's base in traditional mountain music and is infused with elements of Cajun/ zydeco, rock, folk, reggae, and country," and will be sharing such music with fans in Asheville, NC on Thursday, Jan. 28 at 9:00pm at The Orange Peel. If you are not part of "the herd," (what apparent fans of DTB call themselves) you may soon be! Their music is upbeat, fun, shake-your-booty kind of music- the kind of music we all should be listening to these days!!
If you are looking for a great deal of fun in a great town, well here it is. And, if you are looking for a great place to stay (why not a long weekend??) check out our winter specials at Carolina Mornings. Enjoy a dinner in your well-equipped kitchen (or enjoy one of the many awesome restaurants in Asheville!), release some stress at a great show, then follow- up with a weekend full of RE-LAX-ATION!! Soak in the hot tub, load up the fireplace, read a good book... Don't forget that Carolina Mornings offers a couple of winter fun freebies with our Mountain Discovery Pass; here is your whole weekend planned out for you!!

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