Celebrating All Things Irish: St. Patrick's Day in Asheville

St. Patrick's Day in Asheville
If you find yourself in the Asheville area in mid-March, you may just want to consider celebrating all things Irish in an area historically rich in Scots-Irish tradition! Back in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, this area saw a huge influx of Irish immigrants and much of our Appalachian culture can be traced back to this time. Agriculture, craft, storytelling, Folk Music - all of these integral aspects of our mountain lives have a foundation in the culture that our Irish ancestors brought with them, over 100 years ago. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Asheville area comes as naturally to us as banjo music on a Saturday night! Read on for some suggestions about where to celebrate!
Eat It Up
We have so many amazing restaurants in this area that it seems like all we ever do is sing their praises! St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday because we get to seek out our Irish restaurants with relish. The Barleycorn, a really amazing West Asheville restaurant, is a traditional English Pub that serves as a social center, a great stop for a cold beer, and hot spot for deliciously comforting food. Hannah Flanagan's, an Irish Pub located in Hendersonville, NC (just a short 30 minute drive from Asheville!), also serves up some classic Irish fare and ambiance.
Drink It Down
Of course St. Patrick's Day has a bit of a reputation for over-indulgence, but we prefer to savor our holiday and play it safe! Celebrating Irish culture in Downtown Asheville is made easy with our own Jack of the Wood - a Celtic style pub situated in the heart of Downtown Asheville.  Come to sip on some micro-brews, dance a jig or two, munch on some fish n' chips, and socialize with the Ashevillians.  As always, please drink responsibly and plan for your trip home. Asheville has several respected cab companies and a very reliable Uber service. 
Stay Local
Staying local is really at the heart of enjoying St. Patrick's Day in Asheville. If you're just visiting the area, the best way to end the night is in a comfortable, well appointed home away from home. Luckily, Carolina Mornings has dozens of gorgeous homes, cabins, and condos in and around the Asheville area.  For a three bedroom, pet friendly home located in surrounding Asheville, check out Serenity Now. With a fully equipped kitchen, a gas fireplace, and gorgeous mountain views, your stay in Serenity Now will be one for the record books.
To begin planning your St. Patrick's Day in Asheville, contact Carolina Mornings at 877-902-9441. A professional Vacation Planner will help line up your vacation rental accommodations, Biltmore Estate ticket, and outdoor adventures such as ziplining and whitewater rafting (included with every Carolina Mornings Rental!)

By: Dana Carrico

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