Asheville, NC and its Seasonal Sizzle

Fireworks in December?? Yep, here in Asheville we don't think fireworks are just for July!! Amongst the many, many holiday activities going on around town, we celebrate the holiday season with Saturday night fireworks in downtown Asheville. Starting Saturday, December 5 at 7pm, and running through Saturday, December 19 (Saturdays only!) Asheville lights up the night with a plethora of colors and intensities at the Seasonal Sizzle at Seven. The fireworks display on the 5th caps off a full day of holiday events, from the Dicken's Festival (mentioned in an earlier blog) to different Market celebrations. Looking for a great time to load up the family and head to Asheville for a mountain retreat? Well, this is it! The weekend of Dec. 4- 6th has been discussed in quite a few of our entries, with festivities and great chances to pick up holiday gifts (remember The Big Crafty on Dec. 6!). Come and stay in one of our Asheville vacation rentals with your family (we even offer pet-friendly getaways!) and join the fun. Can't make it that weekend? Then join us for the Seasonal Sizzle one of the following Saturdays, and still have a ton of options for celebrating and shopping! Come visit western NC and see why Asheville is sizzling!!

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