Carolina Mornings supports green business models which reduce waste and conserve energy. That's why we have instituted an EcoFriendly certification program which allows property owners to participate in minimizing our environmental footprint. Every cabin certified as EcoFriendly maintains a recycling program in addition to choosing other green features such as low-wattage light bulbs, heat pumps, low-flow toilets, solar panels, and much more. Owners are encouraged to combine features which reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy and manage resources in a sustainable fashion. Our reservations and services offices also qualify as EcoFriendly under the same conditions... meaning that brokers and owners have jointly agreed to share the burden of preserving the natural integrity of Western North Carolina and the planet Earth at large.


EcoFriendly properties may feature the following:


Carolina Mornings is recognized as NC GreenTravel Partner from the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. This designation is part of the NC GreenTravel Initiative, North Carolina's first statewide sustainable travel recognition program. Carolina Mornings is the first vacation rental company in the state to receive the designation! We are recognized for 3 amazing vacation properties in the Asheville area: Black Bear Cabin, Red Wolf and Hidden Pond.

At Carolina Mornings, we are committed to upholding the highest standard of excellence for our guests while lessening the environmental impact of our properties. The NC GreenTravel Partner designations are awarded through a sustainability certification process that requires us to develop and maintain environmental and sustainable policies and practices.


We are also proud to participate in the National Wildlife Federation's "Backyard Habitat" program at select properties!

What Is The Program?

The National Wildlife Federation has created a network of micro-refuges to ensure that throughout our country, local wildlife can still find food, water, shelter, and places to raise their young even in areas that are developed. Carolina Mornings vacation rentals are part of that effort!

Click here to learn more about how Carolina Mornings maintains natural habitats.

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Recycling (Required)
Recycled paper products or cloth alternatives
Solar outdoor lighting for walkways
Nontoxic cleaning products
Water saving kitchen and bathroom fixtures
Low-impact environmental furnishings
Displacement to reduce toilet waste water
Properly installed blow insulation
Energy-saving windows
Down comforters and renewable-resource linens
Nontoxic low VOC paint
Reuseable coffee filters and tea balls
Air purification systems
Energy-saving appliances
Fresh heating and air conditioning filters
Energy-efficient lamps and light fixtures
Renewable heating sources
Fresh and tightly sealed weather stripping
Heating biofuels
Compact fluorescent light bulbs