Our Favorite Seasonal Brews in Beer City, USA

 'Tis The Season for Seasonal Brews

Spending time in Beer City, USA means exploring the many and varied beverages that our brew-masters concoct.  With so many options, it can be overwhelming to try and sample the wares - luckily, Asheville has several tasting tours available for those that want the variety without all the decision-making. But sometimes time is limited, and in the mad dash to experience all the best parts of Western North Carolina (think: hiking, biking, art gazing, the Biltmore), a beer tour just isn’t in the cards. So, for those of you who are both beer lovers and short on time, we’ve compiled this short list of our favorite seasonal brews - enjoy!

Slasher Sweet Potato Porter - Burial Beer

Burial Beer’s Slasher Sweet Potato Porter is a straight forward, no frills kind of brew. It is firm yet drinkable and you’re left with the unmistakably simple flavor of roasted sweet potatoes. No excess spice, no big kick, just a deliciously sweet and rich ale - perfect for enjoying on a sunny and crisp afternoon.

Cold Mountain Winter Ale - Highland

Cold Mountain Winter Ale from Highland is everything your winter holiday was looking for. An excellent complement to holiday festivities, this ale is malty, lighted hopped, and perfectly spiced. Vanilla and hazelnut dominate without overpowering and your tastebuds are left with a complex but immensely comforting flavor. Best part? This brew changes slightly from year to year as the brew-masters look for and acquire the best spices available.

Poor Bear - Smoked Porter - Highland

The Poor Bear Smoked Porter is a small batch seasonal brew from Highland Brewing Co and it is not for the faint of heart. Many of the seasonal beers that made our list are described as "comforting”, and in this respect Poor Bear breaks the mold. It’s strong, dark, smoky, and subtly sweet. It’s bitter with just a suggestion of caramel flavor. It is intense and amazing and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Strongman Coffee Milk Stout - Highwire

Strongman Coffee Milk Stout is the delectable creation of one of our favorite local breweries - Highwire Brewing. This Stout is seriously delicious - a strong milk stout with a local kick, The CMS is perfect for the many upcoming cold nights where you just need a little comfort. Local coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. is cold brewed and added after the fermentation process to produce a sweet, creamy, and smooth stout. Swoon!

A Mountain EscapadeStaying Local

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By: Dana Carrico


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