Thing To Do

Jump Off Rock 

The mountains surrounding Hendersonville, North Carolina hold many treasures for adventurous travelers. Jump Off Rock, located five miles from downtown at the end of Laurel Park Highway, brings local legend and intrigue to life. The story goes that a young Cherokee Indian maiden jumped to her death upon learning that her chief had died in battle - and her ghost still haunts the rock at night!  Whether you believe the folk story or not, the views from the top are incredible.

Chimney Rock State Park and DuPont State Forest

A gorgeous half-hour drive on Highway 64 West out of Hendersonville brings you to Chimney Rock State Park and the neighboring Lake Lure. Heading the other way, a short drive south takes you to DuPont State Forest, now famous for its role in the filming of The Hunger Games. DuPont is ideal for outdoor recreation during all seasons, especially summer swimming below the waterfalls. 

Wolverine Paintball Park

Wolverine Paintball Park, located in Hendersonville, is a treasured area resource.  Experience for yourself the fast-paced fun of Paintball in a gorgeous setting with a highly trained and professional staff on site to ensure your safety!  Considered an excellent team-building activity, Paintball is a great way to enjoy the company of friends, loved ones, or colleagues all the while building trust and lasting relationships.  Plus, it's just simply a great time!