Why Use Carolina Mornings? Reason #5 MORE___________? Complete This Title By Using Ideas Below

Most folks do not think about staying at a vacation rental, log cabin, vacation home etc.
Hotels are standardized, easy to book and come with room service.
Bed and Breakfasts are usually decked to the nines, filled with opulent furnishings, warm hosts and delicious breakfasts.
What do vacation rentals/homes/cabins/cottages/condos have that other conventional accommodations lack?
1)Space to move around both in and outside
2)Kitchens to cook meals and store food and drinks
3)Separate bedrooms for adults and kids
5)Separate living areas
6)A host of different styles of accommodations
7)Locations are varied
8)More amenities: hot tubs, fireplaces, pool tables, multiple TVs, washer/dryers etc
9)More bathrooms
10)More bang for your buck
11)Less expensive than hotels and B&Bs

Of course one can say that my hotel suite had some of these items, but in reality, really think about it: A whole entire home, completely furnished verses a large room? Which would you choose if money was not a factor?