Why Use Carolina Mornings? Reason #3 Integrity- Honesty Part 2

Honesty is top priority Carolina Mornings and hence the reason I am writing about it in 2 parts.
Last week I explained why it was so important to be honest and up front with potential guests:
We do not want to our guests to experience any unexpected surprises. We certainly do not want to contribute to inducing stress. Our goal is to make your life better-or at least while you are vacationing.

Honesty and integrity at Carolina Mornings is utmost importance especially when we have over 90 vacation rentals to choose from. How is one person or a honeymoon couple or a family of 15 going to be able to choose which vacation rental is best for their needs?
Because we represent a host of vacation rentals, in various shapes, sizes, locations, prices and with many different amenities, we are able to listen to our customers' wants and needs and try to be the best matchmaker. Matchmaking is Reason #1 as to Why Use Carolina Mornings and we could not be the best matchmaker in the Asheville Vacation Rental industry unless we had genuine honesty, integrity and sincerity working with one another, with our customers and our owners.
I believe that because all of us at Carolina Mornings really do care and we really want to make sure that we listen to the needs of our guests. When the phone rings, do we only tell the callers about our favorite properties? Or the rentals that are the most expensive or the ones that have the coolest amenities? Nope, Nope and Nope! Do we only give our customers the pros without the cons about a certain vacation rental? Nope. How does the customer really know if the location and quality of the unit matches the descriptions? Can the customer trust the photos attached to the properties? YES! Certainly with Carolina Mornings, where we are upfront, honest and did I say: has integrity?

While we really listen to what are guests' needs are, ie. what they will be doing while visiting the Asheville area? What is the most important item you will need at the rental? What is your budget? etc...
Although we may think we know what is best for some folks, we really do not know and so our Vacation Specialists are professionally trained to listen to our customers, ask appropriate questions and with skill, provide as many viable options, sharing information that is not listed on our website so that the customers have the tools to make the best possible decision. Honesty, integrity and our caring attitude is a huge factor as why would someone want to use our services.