Why Use Carolina Mornings? Reason #2 Honesty - Part 1

Honesty is the best policy. Most of us were raised to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well at least in my family, we all shared our opinions sometimes to the detriment of going a bit too far and hurting some one's feelings. For me personally, I am at the age that I have trouble remembering anything minutiae to events that transpired yesterday. Luckily at Carolina Mornings, we are honest and straightforward and this makes our professional lives simple!
So you wonder: "yeah, most business' operate this away (except for the Bush Cheney administration), what else is new?".
Well unlike the vacation rentals on the beaches, where we all understand where oceanfront, ocean view, 3rd row, etc.... is located, it is far different when getting away to the mountains. Representing vacation homes in the Asheville area takes a bit more time and energy. Did you realize that homes can be built on a precipice? Only able to reach homes on a one lane, gravel, serpentine-like, 45 degree angle road? Yeah, it is true. I am always in disbelief when considering all of the construction crews, trucks, materials schlepping up and down these crazy "roads".

Okay, so not all of our rentals are on a mountain top. This leads me to my point. We at Carolina Mornings want to make sure that we do not send the Fainthearted Family, from Flatcounty, Florida up to the aforementioned vacation rental. While Mr. Fainthearted may consider this rental, the Mrs. certainly does not want to even venture this idea. The last thing that our staff wants to hear on Friday night, a late check-in at 11 PM, is a call from the Fainthearted Family, telling us that they are unable to get to their getaway because the road is too curvy and narrow.
So to make a long story short, we tell it like it is! No holds barred!

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