Weaverville, NC Art Safari weekend April 24-25

Next weekend marks the first of the bi-annual Weaverville, NC Art Safari weekend for all of you art lovers (and who doesn't love art??). Asheville is known as a large art community, and many local artists live in the Weaverville area. So, twice a year they open their studios to the touring public to get a taste of life into NC artist's worlds. This go-round features 41 artists within the Weaverville area, and the brochure is complete with a map to every location for the April 24-25 event.
April is beautiful here in the Asheville area, and this is why they offer the Safari when they do. It is a perfect time to load the car with your kids, pets and gear and head our way for a wonderful weekend getaway!! Carolina Mornings has many beautiful vacation rentals that are pet friendly, and we also offer some really great spring specials! What's best are the FREEBIES you get with each night of your stay!! Come and visit the Asheville area (everybody's doing it, see why!!) and enjoy exploring our artists- in- permanent- residence!

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