Valentine's Day Weekend meets Carolina Mornings: Love Ensues

To us, Valentine’s Day means laughter, love, fun, and of course – chocolate. Luckily, Asheville has all of those bases totally covered.  French Broad Chocolate Lounge, now in its new and spacious location, offers up tantalizing cakes, cookies, truffles and beverages. Try the sipping chocolate – it is pure decadence.

Just around the corner from the Lounge is Asheville’s amazing Fine Arts Theater. The age of romantic small theaters may be over in many a town, but in ours it is alive and thriving. Take your sweetie to see a classic film – it worked for your grandparents!

Continuing in this classically romantic theme, why not go out dancing after the show? Order a classic cocktail from the bar at Olive or Twist and let the night go where it will – Saturday evenings are usually graced by the presence of the Asheville Ball Room Dancers and an amazing string band. After impressing the apple of your eye with your dance moves, move it on over to the love seats by the fireplace – they positively drip classic romance.

The morning after Valentine’s Day can be a missed opportunity for some. We spend so much time thinking about how to make the 14th special, we forget to plan for the following day. Well not this year, friends! With the help of Carolina Mornings, February 15th will rival its predecessor.

The View From Sunset HavenImagine: You wake up on Sunday Morning in Sunset Haven.  Outside, there is a touch of frost covering the landscape. The sun is just peeking over the mountain, draping soft pink light over the valley below.  You have a well-stocked kitchen because you had the Carolina Mornings Concierge Department pick up all the essentials while you and your honey were enjoying a romantic afternoon stroll the day before. You put the coffee on, whip up a stack of pancakes, top it with some fresh fruit and a flower or two, and serve up a classic breakfast in bed.

Congratulations! You’ve won the award for the greatest Valentine ever.

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