Vacationing in Asheville With Teenagers!

Going to the mountains of Western NC with 2 teenage daughters has been a wonderful experience.
Perhaps you are thinking: "My teenage daughters don't like hiking, biking, rafting, or anything related to the outdoors, so why should I go to the mountains?" Well this is sort of true of my daughters who are not very athletic, nor enamored by the natural beauty of the mountain ranges.
However, our trip to Asheville has been nothing less than fantastic!
Shopping in Asheville! The teenagers delightful activity anywhere! Oh and going out to eat! Eating and shopping. And in Asheville these two activities will never cease to be boring-especially for my teenage daughters.
Shopping in Asheville's downtown, exploring the boutiques, art galleries, antiques, fine furnishings and bohemian shops, we have been enamored by the eclectic variety. We have only scratched the proverbial surface. We fell in love with the orange leather sofas and want to purchase all the furnishings in Mobilia Furniture. I am still considering the coolest lamp. Due to time restraints, we only skimmed Woolworth Walk , the newest art gallery and emporium in Asheville, North Carolina. A trip to Asheville is not complete unless we stop at Tops Shoes! Again, we seem to always be present for their penny sale. Buy one pair the second is a penny. This trip we managed to find so many shoes that I am not sure how they will all fit into our car. We are set for the year.
The shopping has not ended nor has our trip, more on Biltmore Village and Eating at non-chain restaurants later.