To market, to market in Asheville, NC

Appalachian Grown: Support Local Foods!!
Continuing on the theme of Asheville as a shopping paradise, I feel I want to change my vocabulary for the experience: Asheville is incredible for those that consciously consume!! In previous blogs I've written about boutique shopping, local artists and their wares, shopping for children, for four-legged family members... I want to also give a very small blurb on our local food scene: it's incredible!!!! So many farmers in this area make their fresh-grown and prepared foods available to us through a market on most days of the week (and yes, these markets also have crafters if you need a last-minute gift or two). While staying in one of our Asheville, NC vacation rentals, why don't you make use of the beautiful kitchen and share some locally grown food with the family? Better yet, plan an Asheville mountain retreat for the holiday season and prepare the big meal from Appalachian-grown foods!

Asheville Farmer's Markets:

Tuesday: West Asheville Tailgate Market 2:30-5:30
Wednesday: Wednesday Afternoon Downtown Tailgate Market 2-6:30
Friday: Downtown Market 10-6 (bonus- HiFi Coffee Shop! Market just opened recently, no site
yet) S. French Broad
Saturday: Downtown Market 10-6 S. French Broad
French Broad Food Coop Market 8-2
North Asheville Tailgate Market 8-12
Asheville City Market 8-1
Sunday: Greenlife Tailgate Market (not held in winter)

Nourish your family and help support our wonderful community all at the same time!! For more information about Appalachian-grown foods, please check out

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