The Yoga Studios of Asheville

  Yoga in Asheville, NC


Yoga is an important part of Ashevillean culture, as evidenced by our many and varied Yoga Studios located in and around our lovely mountain city!  Indeed, people travel to the area just to experience the magic of our yoga scene. For those of you looking to experience a moment of blissful repose in the mountains, we’ve highlighted a few of our local studios that can help fulfill that need!


Asheville Community Yoga 
Asheville Community Yoga is an important resource to locals and visitors alike.  Their mission is to serve donation based yoga classes, wellness services, and community outreach in an open and inviting setting.  The supportive, kind, and compassionate instructors at Asheville Community Yoga do what they do solely for the love of yoga - and the thoughtful classes are a testament to that fact.  Mats are provided for all attendees, so for those who came for a visit but forgot their gear, the studio has you covered.  Also, with dozens of class offerings, visitors can always find the class they’re looking for.

West Asheville Yoga
The dedicated yoga practitioners at West Asheville Yoga believe that the power of yoga can transform you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The instructors are caring, thoughtful, and compassionate and their classes reflect those qualities.  Located in the heart of West Asheville, the strong personality of our beautiful city comes through in every movement generated in the studio.  From yoga basics, to prenatal yoga, to more advanced flow based classes, West Asheville Yoga offers an array of classes just as unique as the people in attendance.

Asheville Yoga Center 
Asheville Yoga Center is a community center that offers all styles of Hatha Yoga to the public.  The classes range from those that serve beginners to those that serve the more advanced practitioners among us.  Not only are the instructors knowledgeable and loving, but the space itself was built with its environmental impact in mind.  It was also built with the fundamental necessities of a healthy yoga practice in mind - the building is designed on an East/West axis, optimizing the amount of natural light within to better serve the yogis inside!

Inspired Change Yoga
Inspired Change Yoga seeks to strengthen the community to which it belongs by supporting health and fitness goals through yoga. Not only do they offer a wide range of classes that strengthen the mind-body connection, but they do it with a solid foundation of playfulness! The instructors are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dynamic, making this studio one of the most inviting in the area. Oh, and best of all, Inspired Change Yoga helps give back to the community through donations and local outreach work!
Hot Yoga Asheville 
Hot Yoga Asheville is an independently and locally owned family business that seeks to bring the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga to the communities of Western North Carolina.  The team of instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and kind and through their passion they have brought thousands of people together to sweat, to stretch, and to learn.  New to Hot Yoga? Fear not!  The classes at Hot Yoga Asheville range from introductory to more advanced and the instructors are always happy to answer your questions and assuage your nerves.  The purpose of the practice is to warm you from the inside out and an important part of that journey is to be comfortable!  So relax, explore, learn, and sweat!

Staying Local
Like the Yoga Studios of Asheville, Carolina Mornings believes in beauty, compassion, and the local community.  As a company with an Ashevillean heart, we believe in connecting our guests with the businesses that make our community so special.  For those traveling to the mountains, staying with Carolina Mornings can make all the difference to your mountain experience. To learn more about our available properties, contact Carolina Mornings at 877-902-9441. Our knowledgeable team of Vacation Planners will work with you to find a vacation rental that fits your needs. Be sure to ask about our Mountain Discovery Pass, included with every Carolina Mornings Rental!
By: Dana Carrico