The Health Adventure in Asheville, NC

The Health Adventure in Asheville is a great place to share with your children when you come for a visit. Although they are planning a gigantic and exciting move next year (of which I will share when the time is right), they are still located in the heart of downtown Asheville in Pack Square. While you are perusing the town you can make a stop here for the kids and enjoy the stationary and traveling exhibits. One such traveling exhibit is up through May5, 2010: Mindbender Mansion. This exhibit, according to the website, is " eclectic place full of brainteasers and interactive challenges guaranteed to test the brain power and problem solving skills of even the most experienced puzzlers." There are 40 individual brainteasers and then group activities in addition, such as forming patterns in rolling chairs and keeping up with a conveyor belt. The theme for the whole exhibit is set within a mansion backdrop, making it quirky and (gulp) quite intelligent.
You can still take advantage of our winter specials here at Carolina Mornings (most through the end of March). It's best to book your vacation rental now and enjoy Asheville's downtown before tourist season arrives, especially if you need a little space to really think about these brainteasers!

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