Taking your dog friend to the North Carolina Arboretum

Once spring officially moves in, there are plenty of places for you and your hound to wander together around Asheville, NC. Since it is still rather chilly on some days, our mountainous regions are still dealing with leftover snow and ice that prevents hikers from traversing on many a hill and dale. One great place you can always share with your dog friend are the woods of the North Carolina Arboretum . Not only can you wander through the woods (you do have to use a leash, of course), once you have entered you and your pooch can visit the outdoor exhibits located within the Arboretum as well. Some of them are keeping warm for the season, but some still remain.
This gem within the Asheville boundaries is easily accessible and fun for the whole family. There are trails that are great for a not-so-hiker; there is a map that shows you which are the easiest and shortest and which let you wander further and longer.
March is still a great time to visit Asheville, and you can take advantage of the winter specials that Carolina Mornings offers- we love dogs and have many properties that do too!!

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