Take Fido On Vacation! Or Not!

Corgi in the leavesImage by Aine D via Flickr

If your dogs are like my dogs, they never give up an opportunity to jump into the car and go for a ride.
Take this a step further and take a pet friendly vacation.
Traveling with your pooch is fun, but it also takes more thought and consideration. Making sure Fido is a happy camper at your vacation rental cabin or hiking together in the mountain of Asheville can be extremely satisfying for both pet owner and pet.
However, if your 4 legged family member hates new spaces, freaks when left alone in a new environment, than traveling with your furry friend may not be the best choice.
What is totally amazing is how business' have catered to dog friendly families and providing services never heard of 5 years ago... Would love to hear about what made your pet friendly travels positive! Please share!

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