Roy Williams Comes Home

I graduated from the great University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May, and some of my greatest undergraduate memories involve painting myself Carolina blue, driving thousands of miles to away basketball games (including the Final Four in Detroit!!) and being in the presence of legends.

Which includes my personal favorite coach, Roy Williams.

I had the opportunity to meet Coach Williams a few times and see him in a variety of settings: as a coach, a fundraiser, a Tar Heel and a regular guy. And I must say, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.

There is just something that draws you to him. Makes you want to know more. He makes you WANT to be his friend. Even better. He makes you feel like you are one.

So, we are are all in luck! Coach Williams released his first autobiography, "Hard Work: Life On and Off the Court," this week.

Born and raised on a dot on the map of Western NC, Roy Williams reveals details his life from the harsh childhood with an alcoholic father to his superstitions and philosophies of coaching.

Highlights from the book include Coach Williams speaking honestly about learning his mother died while on a recruiting trip, how former UNC coach Bill Gutheridge didn't speak to him for three years after turning down the UNC job for the first time, and earning hugs from big men Sean May and Tyler Hansbrough after winning the 2005 and 2009 National Championships.

So, how good of a coach is he? He has the THIRD highest winning percentage in NCAA HISTORY, he has been inducted to the Hall of Fame and he has lead the UNC Tar Heels to TWO NCAA championships in 4 years (2005 and 2009)

Even better... Coach Williams is returning to Asheville, NC, his birthplace, to pay tribute to his fans and community he loves. He will be signing books on Sunday, December 13th at UNC Asheville's Justice Center. Check out Malaprop's Bookstore for more information!

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