Property Spotlight: Stay for a month in the old world feel of CasaBella!

The Montford Historic District is a well- known, beautiful neighborhood right on the edge of downtown Asheville. The homes here are mostly historic, and CasaBella was built to depict the bungalow style of the 1920's. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a loft for extra space. The decor of this home is cozy and sophisticated, comfortable and stylish, with two porches and a beautiful yard to relax in. CasaBella is a monthly rental, offered as a longer- term home for those needing to put up their feet and stay awhile. This home is also one of our eco- friendly homes, with a whole- house water filter, radiant floor heating, and energy star- rated construction materials. Come and see what it's like to be a resident of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Asheville!

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