Part IV: Tour the infamous Lake Lure from Dirty Dancing!

So for the wintertime, Carolina Mornings offers tickets to two local area attractions for each night's stay: a free lift ticket per night's stay, and a free round of golf per night's stay. The Mountain Discovery Pass changes seasonally, and now is a great time to start planning for the spring...
One of the journeys that Carolina Morning's Mountain Discovery Pass takes you on for FREE is a tour of Lake Lure. You may have been wondering for so many years just exactly where that beautiful scenery was on the well-known film Dirty Dancing... it's Lake Lure!! National Geographic called Lake Lure "one of the most beautiful man made lakes in the world," and when you take this tour you can see why! Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Lure offers beauty and fun! Upon warm weather, there is the use of a beach, a water park, a marina (complete with paddle boat/ kayak rentals) a couple of restaurants, a spa,and of course, the Inn made famous by Dirty Dancing. Come springtime, the trees and flowers will be in bloom surrounding the Lake, making the mountain scenery come alive! I have yet to visit Lake Lure, but upon writing this blog I see that it is a must for me and the family! I believe that it is a must for you and yours as well! Start planning your Asheville getaway today and let Carolina Mornings help provide a beautiful vacation rental with a few extra perks!!

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