Octoberfest: How Do You Celebrate?

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I think I have been asleep for the last 20 or 30 years, because I did not know that all cities, including Asheville, NC celebrates Octoberfest. For some reason, I always assume that it was a local tradition in Munich, Germany as Wikipedia clearly supports this notion.
Asheville's brew pubs and local microbreweries are impressive for such small city such as Asheville. So it seems like a perfect marriage: Asheville Brews and celebrating Octoberfest!
Perhaps that is why the Asheville Downtown Association is sponsoring this gala event on October 10, from 1-5pm! By the looks of the food, beer and entertainment it looks like it will be loads of fun. October 10 we will be bringing a bit of Bavaria to Wall Street, Asheville, NC!
So tell me, if you decide not to participate in our local Octoberfest in downtown Asheville, how will you be celebrating the 16 day long festival? Perhaps you cannot celebrate on October 10, but there are 15 other days to come to Asheville sample our brews and delight in our fall foliage and endless free entertainment (Hiking, Blue Ridge Parkway, window shopping, people watching).
So feel free to let me know how you will be celebrating Oktoberfest!

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