More Easter ideas for this 80 degree weekend in Asheville, NC!

I've never really been a play-by-the-book kinda gal, so I wanted to offer some ideas for celebrating Spring that don't involve the standard Easter egg hunt. Plus, this weekend is gonna hit 80 degrees!!- something we haven't seen in awhile!
I'll throw in another word about the Biltmore Festival of Flowers which begins this weekend on April 3, and add again that they do offer an egg hunt and children's activities on the 4th in Easter celebration. At Carolina Mornings we do have NC vacation packages that offer FREE tickets to Biltmore!

Hickory Nut Gap Farm, one of our favorite local sources for delicious, friendly meat and eggs, is having their 10th Anniversary celebration on April 3 from 1-5pm there in Fairview. Come and share a tour with your family, see some beautiful Asheville- area back-country as well as many happy farm animals and other happy people. There are children's activities in addition to the fun of enjoying a day at the farm. Carolina Mornings does have beautiful vacation cabins in the Fairview area as well!
My favorite thing to do around here on a beautiful day is to get out in the woods!! There are so many great places to take a hike in the area and get to see NC wilderness: Bent Creek (15 min. outside of Asheville); the trails on the Blue Ridge Parkway (be sure to check ahead for closures); and Pisgah National Forest are a few of your options in this area that provide great space to get out and play.
Come and enjoy the beginnings of Spring here in Asheville, NC!! Check out what we have to offer for our SPRING SPECIALS at Carolina Mornings! And remember, we have great options for FREE FUN AND GAMES with our Mountain Discovery Pass- another great way to celebrate Spring!

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