Looking @ Asheville Through a Tourist's Eye!

I decided to indulge and come to Asheville as a tourist! Yesterday my daughters and I enjoyed going whitewater rafting through our business partner: French Broad Rafting. We went on the 5 mile Family Class whitewater rafting adventure. The day was gorgeous! Low 80's sunny and cool blue sky with billowy clouds. Our fearless guides not only steered us along the French Broad dipping, bobbing and splashing through the class II and Class III rapids but they were also stand up comics and providing playful humor throughout the trip! To enjoy their humor, one had to be quick!
We enjoyed a swimming break -for the waters were delightfully perfect for an afternoon swim. Especially for me, who never swims unless the water is warmer then the air temperature. Some of the not so faint heart enjoyed jumping off a small cliff-like rock. I withheld. I hate heights! The best part of the afternoon was taking in the green mountains that surrounded us as we floated down river!

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