List your unusual or unique amentiy in a vacation home

Unusual and Unique
Last week, Larry posted the blog about Wilderness Haven, our one and only vacation rental with the private putting green in the back yard. Since the inception of that project, I began to wonder: What other features have owners of vacation rentals have included to lure guests to their properties?

Of course there are the fancy, ultra luxurious vacation homes of the rich and famous which boast trillions of square footage, lavish furnishings and other exquisite touches. I am not referring to this cohort of vacation homes . I am interested in mainstream, main street vacation rental properties that cater to the rest of us making less than 7 figure incomes.

So I am calling on all second home owners with vacation rentals, property managers or to the traveling public, please let me know what unusual, different or unique items or amenities are found in vacation properties. At Carolina Mornings, the putting green tops my list so far.

We also have a cabin called Elkhorn, located in Asheville that boasts a sauna! Not the ubiquitous hot tub, but just a sauna. I would classify these two as unique!

Please send me your discoveries!