Leaf-Season in Asheville Leaves Us Delighted

We are coming upon one of the most beautiful times in Asheville - The Fall. The time of year that leaves take on colors from an artist's palette; the recently green countryside becomes a canvas painted in hues of yellow, orange, and red. It is a breathtaking sight and one not to be missed.

The weather and the elevation play a big part in the changing colors of our landscape. Leaves change colors at the highest elevations first and work their way down to lower elevations as the season continues. If your trip is early in our leaf season, plan to stay at a higher elevation to be surrounded by the colors.

Sunset Lodge - One of the Beautiful Cabins at Scenic Wolf ResortVacationing High In the Sky
All of our properties at Scenic Wolf Resort are high in the mountains at about 4300 ft. elevation. We offer many different options at Scenic Wolf Resort. All of the cabins have amazing decks and amazing 70+ mile views. In the Burnsville area, our Mountain Air Country Club rentals are well above the world at 4900 ft. Lookout Peak is located atop Slickrock Mountain and sleeps 6. This beautiful home has gorgeous views and deck with a grill. It will give you the chance to experience the fall with all the conveniences of home. Another option in Burnsville is Pie in the Sky. This all wooden cabin is on two acres and from the deck you will have an unencumbered view of the leaves at their best. These locations would be the first to see the abundant changes in the leaf color. For a trip later in the season, one of our many properties at lower elevations would offer similar amazing vistas.

Imagine zipping through the trees or strolling the grounds at the Biltmore Estate during leaf season and experiencing the fall colors on these adventures included with your stay! With each of our vacation stays, you receive the Mountain Discovery Pass which gives you the luxury of one pass to both French Broad Ziplines and the Biltmore Estate as well as a ticket to the La Zoom Comedy Bus Tour.

Why Leaves Change Colors
One of the big questions people often ask is, "Why do the leaves change colors?" As our daylight hours get shorter, trees respond by producing less chlorophyll (which keeps leaves green), this allows the carotenoids (already present in the leaves) to show through and we begin to see the emergence of yellows and oranges in leaves.
The Colors of Fall
The beautiful reds in fall leaves happen due to a different natural occurrence. Red in the changing of Leaves is caused by anthocyanin (also present in red apples and berries). Unlike the carotenoids that bring out the yellows and oranges, anthocyanin is less of a reaction to the change of light and more as a form of protection from the changes in weather. Temperature and cloud cover make a huge difference in the vibrancy of the reds. This year, Asheville and its surrounding areas have received record breaking amounts of rain. As a result we will still see plenty of reds this fall, though it is likely the vibrant yellows and oranges will be dominant.

Fall Along the Blue Ridge Parkway
The wonder and beauty of leaf season is a sight to see and experience. A drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway during fall is one of the most breathtaking and best loved drives anywhere in the U.S. The elevation along the Parkway changes greatly so that in a few hours one can experience the full array of nature's artistry.

Fall is a favorite time of year for many to visit this great area. The colors are in full swing and the weather is at its best to enjoy the great outdoors. Once you've experienced Asheville in the fall, it will be a trip you'll want to make again and again.

Call Carolina Mornings today at (877) 902-9441 to reserve your Asheville mountain cabin. A professional Vacation Planner will help line up your vacation rental accommodations, Biltmore House tickets, and outdoor adventures such as ziplining and golf (included with every Carolina Mornings rental!).

By: Carmen Ybarra

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