Holiday Cocktails: Our Top 3 Favorite Spots

Holiday Cocktails: Our Top 3 Favorite Spots

Yes, Asheville is widely known as Beer City, USA - but did you know that it also offers a vibrant cocktail scene as well?  Our small city is filled to the brim with beverage wizards, and we particularly love tasting their creations around the holidays.  Read on for our Top 3 Favorite Cocktail Spots in Asheville!

1. The Imperial Life

The Imperial Life is located about Table Restaurant (another favorite of ours).  They feature plenty of local beers on tap, an eclectic wine list, and an awesome cocktail list created from scratch using all small batch spirits and homegrown herbs.  If you’re looking for some entertainment to go along with your beverage, cast your eyes towards the bartenders - they have both style and panache!

2.  Nightbell

Nightbell is the creation of the owners of Curate, so from the beginning patrons tend to have an expectation of greatness.  Luckily, Nightbell doesn’t disappoint.  With a speakeasy kind of atmosphere, wildly inventive cocktails, and delicious small plates, a night at Nightbell is a fully immersive event.  We recommend going with a larger group and sharing everything.

3.  MG Road

MG Road is a lounge creation from the owners of Chai Pani.  The cocktails are creative and the small plates are inventive, so it has quickly become one of our favorite spots to enjoy a nightcap. The cozy space becomes alive with the inventive attitudes of the bartenders - much like the chefs upstairs - as they craft delicious yet atypical cocktails.  

100 Acre WoodStaying Local and Getting There Safely

Staying local is key to enjoying the full range of Asheville activities.  We also believe firmly in safe, responsible nights out. Asheville has several great Taxi Companies as well as the widely loved Uber. Please always drink responsibly and include a safe way home in your evening plans. For larger groups visiting the area, check out 100 Acre Wood. With 3 bedrooms, a pet friendly policy, a stunning setting, and a wood fireplace, 100 Acre Wood is the perfect homebase for all of your Asheville adventures.

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By: Dana Carrico