Furnished monthly rentals in Asheville, NC

I have been recently working with the reviews of our properties (I have to add here how great they are:) and came across a great review from a lady who stayed with us for a month. It reminded me to share that this is possible... regardless of what your need, Carolina Mornings offers furnished monthly rentals as well. In addition to our vacation properties for shorter periods of time, we have rentals available for those needing a longer stay without paying a nightly fee. We of course even have properties for your pet (along with you, of course!!)!
Whatever your reason- work project, relocation, awaiting a built home to complete, seasonal shifting (you know, it can get reeeallly hot in Florida in the summer!)- we have a cozy space for you to relax in and feel at home. We offer longer- term rentals further out, away from it all, or right smack dab in the middle of town. Check out our options, and remember we can personalize it (say you really want a hot tub, or a fireplace, or a grill, or all of the above...); just give us a call!!
And, if you are looking for a vacation to start, we do have winter specials through the end of March!