Fun, Food and Flowers at the Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is a true area treasure.  If ever you’re wondering what to do in Asheville, Biltmore Estate can provide you with dozens of answers - each one just as exciting and enjoyable as the last.  From the floral explosion of Biltmore Blooms to the flavor explosion of the restaurants in Antler Village, visitors to the Estate will be met with more excitement than can be fit into a single day.

Biltmore Blooms

Formerly called "The Festival of Flowers," Biltmore Blooms is one of the area’s most vivid and beautiful displays of spring.  Since March 20th, the gardens at Biltmore have been alive with an explosion of color - the tulips that burst from the ground span the entire color spectrum and as we move further towards May, the Azalea bushes and other native flowering plants are blooming in the full sense of the word.  Take a walk along the 2.5 miles of manicured paths that meander around the amazing floral display.  

What’s Blooming Now?

The Conservatory is alive with a variety of different orchids, among them are the slipper orchid, the butterfly orchid, and the moth orchid.  As visitors move through the greenhouse, they’ll be met with the beautiful puff of the hydrangea, the sweet, intoxicating scent of the hibiscus, the delicate beauty of the cyclamen, and the ever-lovely shooting star clerodendron. Flashes of fuchsia and the bold face of bougainvillea spring up throughout the conservatory.

Just outside of the Conservatory, visitors will find the walled garden - a beautiful expanse of geometric patterns, alive with tulips, Carolina silverbell, hellebores, violas, veronica, tree peony, and bleeding heart.  The perfectly manicured garden will take your breath away and is the perfect located for a romantic picnic.

The botanical extravaganza doesn’t stop there as the floral expanse extends into the Spring Garden, the Azalea Garden and the Shrub Garden.  In these, visitors will see flowering quince, spirea, royal azalea, viburnum, spicebush, redbuds, and rhododendrons.  The heady scent of lilac will be in the air as visitors pass the gorgeous, drooping purple flower.

Where to Eat at Biltmore Estate

All of the walking in the garden areas will inevitably tease the appetite, and when that happens the Biltmore Estate has you covered.  A quick drive over to Antler Hill Village will produce several options, each one with its own personality and flair.  Cedric’s Tavern is a warm and inviting tavern that overlooks the village green at Antler Hill Village.  The theme of the establishment pays tribute to the neighborhood pubs of Britain and Ireland and the menu has something for everyone.  

Looking for something a little more romantic?  The Dining Room is an elegant space that specializes in regional cuisine.  Estate raised beef and lamb, fresh picked greens, beautiful views and fantastic service are staples of the Dining Room.

Staying Close to the Biltmore Estate

Visitors to the area intent on experiencing all that the Biltmore Estate has to offer may find themselves very busy!  Spreading the exploration out over a few days is sometimes the best way.  Carolina Mornings has dozens of vacation rentals in and around Asheville - each one of them a perfect homebase from which to plan your day’s adventure.  Biltmore Villa Hideaway, a luxury condominium in the heart of Biltmore Village, is an excellent choice for a couple or a small group traveling to the area to experience the majesty of the Estate.  

The Biltmore Blooms Festival of Flowers is an amazing experience for those hoping to ring in the spring in the most festive way possible.  Following that up with a meal as delicious as those prepared by the culinary wizards in Antler Village makes for the absolute perfect day.  So the next time you ask yourself, "What is there to do in Asheville?” - let the answer be the Biltmore Estate.

To begin planning your Asheville vacation, contact Carolina Mornings at 877-902-9441.  A professional Vacation Planner will help line up your vacation rental accommodations, Biltmore Estate tickets, and outdoor adventures such as ziplining and whitewater rafting (included with every Carolina Mornings Rental!)

By: Dana Carrico