Fire and Ice Fest 2010, near Asheville, NC

There really isn't a whole lot of winter left!! To have a celebration of winter in late January is a rare treat, which is exactly what the Fire and Ice Fest 2010 is. This is the first year of the festival, held about 30 minutes outside of Asheville at the Waynesville Inn Golf Resort and Spa. Celebrating all things cold, you can enjoy many wintertime events while basking in the brisk air of the Blue Ridge Mountains, complete with a snowy mountain view! Ice carving competitions, Polar Bear Bingo, skiing and snowboarding... the event seems to have it all, including beer and wine from WNC brewers. On your way to visit the festivities you can also check out the little town of Waynesville, nestled into the surrounding mountains with a cozy mountain- town feel.
Hop in your carriage and take advantage of the last of winter with an Asheville vacation!! Check out the winter specials that Carolina Mornings has to offer, and make your way over to Waynesville where they will be celebrating all things icy. Come and see what this area of WNC has to offer!!

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