Savor the Mountains with Asheville Food Tours

Asheville Food Tours
Asheville is known for its sumptuous delights, its food-based alchemy, its incredible population of culinary wizards. Visitors from all around the country travel to our beautiful corner of the state to savor the creations that burst out of our award winning restaurants. Creating your craft food itinerary can be overwhelming, so the fine folks at Asheville Food Tours have stepped in to help you build the perfect food based treasure map. Read on for more information about this fantastic resource!
What it Is
Simply put, Asheville Food Tours is an opportunity.  The Tour is curated to provide participants with a perfect introduction to some of what Asheville does best - thoughtful, beautiful, craft food. Each tour brings participants to a mix of six or seven downtown restaurants and food shops. All of the shops and restaurants chosen for the tour are local businesses that contribute positively to our vibrant local economy. The flavors that you'll experience are wide and varied - some are delicious multi-cultural specialties while other epitomize the southern tradition. By the end of the tour, most participants find that they've consumed the equivalent of a full meal. They also leave with a "Discount Passport" which gives you a 5 day window to return to any one of the restaurants or shops on the tour to enjoy a full dining experience. 

What to Expect
When you choose to go on an Asheville Food Tour, you not only get the joy of experiencing a sampling of some of the finest dishes that our award winning chefs prepare, but you'll also have the opportunity to speak with chefs and store owners about their art and work. Many of these culinary wizards are the heart and soul behind the revitalization of Asheville's Historic Downtown. In a big way, they have helped turn our small mountain city into the destination location that it is. Best of all, this is a walking tour, so on the way to each of the stops, you'll experience life in Downtown. You can expect to window shop, talk to locals in passing, and hear the amazing music of our famed local buskers.
Where to Stay
Staying in a home away from home when you're in the mountains brings the experience to the next level of comfort and fun. Carolina Mornings has dozens of gorgeous and unique vacation rentals in and around the Asheville area. For those looking to have a private escape in the mountains, check out Angels Lookout - a stunning 4 bedroom home surrounded by 82 acres of forest and hiking trails. Angels Lookout has some of the most sensational views in Western North Carolina, too, so morning coffee on the deck is an experience in and of itself. Best of all, it's only 23 minutes from Downtown Asheville - so all of the activities of the area are at your fingertips!
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By: Dana Carrico