Downton Abbey Visits Biltmore Estate!


The much anticipated Biltmore Exhibition, "Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times”, is soon to arrive! The show, which features more than 40 costumes from Downton Abbey, opens on February 5th and will continue to run through Memorial Day Weekend. Expected to be a major hit for both history buffs and fans of the show, the era will surely come alive as visitors travel from room to room, taking in the many varied outfits showcased throughout the house. This interaction between our beloved fictional characters and the Vanderbilt Family is sure to be as interesting as it is provocative.

Highclere Castle (our stately setting in Downton Abbey) and Biltmore Estate share a number of similarities – indeed, the day to day commotion of both estates would have been almost identical. The bustle of the servants, the leisure of the family and its guests, perhaps even the romantic intrigue would have been a reality of the Estate’s daily activity. As an added bonus to the upcoming exhibition, fascinating tales from the Vanderbilt Family history will be shared with those touring the 178,926 square-foot home. Fans of the show will no doubt find these true-to-life stories and anecdotes come vividly alive in their imaginations!

For those of you not familiar with the timeline of the now famous PBS show, Downton Abbey opens with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. By that time, the Vanderbilts - George, Edith and Cornelia – had been residing in the Biltmore House for close to two decades. In fact, one of the stories likely to be overheard during the exhibition is that of the Vanderbilt family’s narrowly missed Titanic tragedy (though originally scheduled to travel on the famously ill-fated ship, the family changed their plans at the last moment – opting instead to take a later trip).  Four seasons later, the storyline of Downton Abbey has spanned more than a decade. The last episode of season four was set in the summer of 1923 – a vastly different cultural temperament than the earlier Victorian 1900’s. Fashion was an ever-changing aspect of these years and the exhibition will undoubtedly capture that fluid narrative.

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