Do you believe in ghosts? In ASHEVILLE?

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to take a dive into the rich (and spooky) history of paranormal activity in Asheville, NC.
Now, grab a hold of your wits because things get scarier from here.
"The Pink Lady" is one of the most famous ghost stories around Asheville and located at the Grove Park Inn. Supposedly a young woman was pushed from a balcony and fell to her death, and now haunts room 545 at the inn. People to this day report seeing her or the lights turning on and off sporadically. I haven't ever seen her, but I've grown up hearing the story!
George W. Vanderbilt, owner of the Biltmore House is said to be seen at the mansion after his 1914 death from surgery complications. Workers say sometimes they hear laughter from the drain of the pool or footsteps on the second floor. If I were them, I would get out my Western NC map and get out of dodge!
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Just LAST YEAR, there was a supposed sighting of a ghost at Asheville High School! Spooky!
There are ghost tours ALL OVER Asheville, willing to take you around and show you where these paranormal spirits were once seen. One of our favorites?
The Asheville Historic Trolley Ghost Tours will give you a spook on your trip around Asheville. Again, more value here with a Carolina Mornings vacation rental: one free admission on Asheville Historic Trolley Tours (all part of of MDP pass). You even get an expert as your guide Joshua P. Warren (who has been seen all over TV on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel... and Sci-Fi!) As you sit on the trolley, you will be guided through the stories of the largest mass murder in Asheville history, phantoms of Church Street and the Civil War Battle of Asheville. Just reading about it gives me the chills!

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