Do Not Feed The Bears

Black Bear Sightings In Asheville, NC
Why are there so many bear sighting now? One of the reasons is the population of black bears, once almost absent, has increased dramatically in the past 30-40 years. Due to restrictions in hunting, we have saved the bear population. Yahoo!
 Although it saddens me to see a bear meandering through the urban streets of Asheville. Bears and concrete do not mix. I am glad to know of their strong comeback but also want to live harmonously with these 200-600 lbs beasts.
They often roam around homes and vacation rental cabins.  Recently we have had many  guests and second home owners sharing photos of bears lumbering about their property. Exciting to some, and scary to others. 
 For our vacationers, here are some tips to keep bears at a distance and have a safe journey during your Asheville getaway:
  1. Clean your grill thoroughly!!!!
  2. Clean your picnic table, patio tables and all other outdoor areas. Make sure no food residues are left for the bears'  olfactory feats of smell.
  3. Do not store your garbage outside until you are ready to check out!
  4. Do not leave pet food out!
  5. When driving at night in bear country,  slow down and use high beams.  Keep alert for movement on the sides of the road.  
  6. If you are outdoors and see a bear, do not run. Make noise, stand tall and walk backwards towards safety.
  7. Read up on the National Park's advice.

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