ClimateCon 2018 in Asheville, NC

ClimateCon 2018


Asheville, North Carolina, will become the stomping ground for the inaugural ClimateCon! As a project created by The Collider (a local nonprofit collaborative center focused on catalyzing market-driven solutions for climate change), ClimateCon will help attendees recognize not just the need to act on climate change, but the abundant business opportunities for climate solutions. This 10-day conference, March 16-25, 2018, will be broken into three different programs: Climate City Experience, Business of Climate Forum, and Summit for Emerging Climate Leaders. Representatives from well-known companies such as Lowe's, IBM, Levi's, Emrgy, Duke Energy, NOAA, and many more will be in attendance. Today's innovations can have a positive effect on how we address the global problem of climate change. Become part of this movement to better sustain our world!


Climate City Experience

Experience all of ClimateCon 2018, March 16-25th! There is so much in store from climate-themed art exhibits to special craft beers, as well as workshops, science lectures, receptions, and everything in between. This 10-day conference will be full of energy and a sense of soul in our vibrant city of Asheville, North Carolina!


Business of Climate Forum

The Business of Climate Forum, March 19-21st, will be the centerpiece of ClimateCon 2018. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organizations to sit in and listen to keynote speakers and presentations from Founders and CEOs of companies who have a stronghold on the efficiency of the climate. Some of the keynote speakers include Paul Walsh, Director of Weather Strategy for IBM Global and Business Meteorologist for The Weather Channel; Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company; Erin Meezan, Chief Sustainability Officer of Interface Inc.; and Greg Lowe, Global Head of Resilience and Sustainability at Aon. 


Summit For Emerging Climate Leaders

Undergraduate students and young professionals, this one-day program, March 19th, is focused on you! The world is continually seeking new products and innovations that address climate change. It's waiting for a young new generation of climate leaders! This program will focus on developing future pioneers to fight against the steady growth of climate change. Youth will be exposed to the leading professionals in the climate industry with a chance to pitch their own climate solutions!


Beautiful Eco-friendly Cabins 

We have amazing eco-friendly cabins for your experience here in Asheville during ClimateCon 2018! Let us be your place to stay during this new convention right in our backyard. Carolina Mornings supports green business models that reduce waste and conserve energy. That's why we have instituted an eco-friendly certification program, which allows property owners to participate in minimizing our environmental footprint. Every cabin certified as eco-friendly maintains a recycling program in addition to choosing other green features such as low-wattage light bulbs, heat pumps, low-flow toilets, solar panels, and much more. Owners are encouraged to combine features that reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy, and manage resources in a sustainable fashion. Our reservations and services offices also qualify as eco-friendly under these same conditions, meaning that Brokers and Owners have jointly agreed to share the burden of preserving the natural integrity of Western North Carolina and planet Earth as a whole. 

Red Wolf Cabin
Black Oak Cabin
Eagle's Wing Lodge

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