Carolina Mornings Spotlight: The Sonder Project

Carolina Mornings Spotlight: The Sonder Project
The Carolina Mornings Team believes that in order for a community to thrive, every member has to contribute his or her best. As a part of not just the Asheville Community, but the Global Community as well, we feel that contributing our best means supporting organizations that care for those with less. And because we feel so passionately about this, we support The Sonder Project - a global nonprofit organization that is focused on ending extreme poverty and fighting hunger worldwide. Read on to learn about how you can contribute to this vitally important organization.
The Sonder Project: What It Does
The Sonder Project works on several levels to alleviate hunger and poverty worldwide. They have an education front, a water front, a health front, a food front, and a local front in which they partner with Habitat for Humanity to bring proper housing to the families within our own local communities. In many ways, these projects all contribute to one another and whether the volunteers at The Sonder Project are providing education to the nearly 900 million people that can neither read nor write, or collecting unopened, nonperishable food items from those who no longer need it, they provide relief to communities that desperately need the time, the attention, and the compassion.
How We Contribute
PROJECT: Feed was created specifically for the Vacation Rental Industry. The idea is simple - whatever food you had purchased for your vacation that you did not eat or did not want will be collected in a signature "Sonder Project" bag. A member of the Carolina Mornings Team will collect that bag after your departure and take it to the designated area. From there, volunteers from various local food pantries gather the food and distribute it to where it is needed. With very little effort, our guests can be a part of a movement that is meant to repair and rebuild the broken communities of Western North Carolina. One bag at a time and with a little help from one another, we can work to end hunger in our mountain communities. 
How You Can Help
There are many ways to help support this amazing project, and just one of them is to stay with Carolina Mornings in one of our vacation homes. Purchasing an extra can of beans, vegetables, or fruit when stocking up for your vacation can go a long way towards helping a family in need, and your vacation is made better because of it. Spreading the word about our participation in the this project can also help bring more individuals into the fold. Becoming outspoken about the needs of your own local community, and involving your local businesses as well, can only help further the progress of The Sonder Project.
Click Here to learn more about The Sonder Project.
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By: Dana Carrico