Carolina Mornings Spotlight: The Breweries of Asheville, Part I

Brewery Spotlight: Part I

It’s no secret that Asheville, NC is Beer City, USA - votes have been cast and glasses clinked to the illustrious honor.  Pair that title with our beautiful landscape, our amazing music culture, and our robust art scene and Asheville becomes a haven for those who love to explore communities that march to the beat of a different drum. And because we are so proud of our little mountain city’s title, this week we are putting together a two part spotlight on some of our favorite breweries.  Read on for the first installment of the Carolina Mornings Brewery Spotlight!

Burial Beer Co

Burial Beer Co is located at 40 Collier Ave in downtown Asheville and it’s home to some of the very best brews to come out of the area! They started small and over the past two years have grown into a formidable presence in Beer City, USA. Try the Skillet Donut Stout - locals go nuts over it!


Hi-Wire Brewing

Hi-Wire Brewing has a winning combination of fantastic ambiance and delicious beer. Added to that, all the artwork on the cans and bottles is hand drawn by a local artist, thereby supporting the art culture in our fine city! We’re big fans of the Prime Time Pale Ale, but you can’t go wrong with any of their brews.


Wedge Brewing Co

The three story warehouse that houses The Wedge was built in the early part of the 19th century and is adjacent to a still-operating railroad track. It has a huge outdoor patio area where locals and visitors alike get together to laugh and exchange stories. There is always a food truck and at least a dozen dogs present. We love every brew that the Wedge makes, and it continues to be one of our favorite spots to relax.

Pour Taproom

Okay, admittedly this is not a brewery, but Pour Taproom has such an enormous sampling of beers, it is a must-see for those visiting the area. It prides itself on being the World’s Largest Self-Pour Bar. Patrons simply open a tab, experiment and sample, then pay by the ounce.  With 46 beers to choose from, we think you’ll find this place to be a beer lover’s heaven!

Getting Home

After an afternoon or evening of sampling the delicious beverages made in our beautiful city, returning to a comfortable home away from home is vital. Getting there safely is just as important as loving the home that you walk into. Luckily, Asheville has several fantastic companies that always seems to be there when you need them most. Asheville Taxi is a great company that operates best with text messages, a feature that certainly makes things easier when you find yourself in a crowded and noisy location!  We’re also huge fans of Uber, and the drivers in Asheville are caring, responsible, and easy to reach.

Staying Local

Carolina Mornings has dozens of rentals in and around the Asheville area, each one unique and lovely in its own way. For a rental with convenient access to town, check out Sallie Lee Cottage - a breathtaking 2 bedroom Victorian located in the heart of downtown. You’ll love the fully equipped kitchen, the great location, and the pet friendly policy!  

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By: Dana Carrico