Raising the Standard: Carolina Mornings Supports the Living Wage

Raising The Standard
The Carolina Mornings Team believes that being an important and uplifting member of the local economy means providing for the community from the ground up. That's why we're a Living Wage Certified Company. This trend is becoming more and more important to local businesses in the Asheville community - but what does it mean? Read on to learn more about this important distinction.
Living Wage Certified - What Does It Mean?
A "Living Wage" is the amount of income that a worker must earn to be able to afford the basic necessities within his or her community. Each community is different - the housing market, the cost of food, gas, clothing, health services - all of these fluctuate based on the part of the country in which you live. Going Living Wage means that a company has recognized and defined its community's economic foundation and has elevated its standards to reflect that basis. The positive effects of this adaptation are many and varied, but they all ultimately lead to a stronger local economy.
How Does this Effect the Local Economy?
In the simplest terms, going Living Wage is one important step toward ending poverty and inequity within one's community. It creates a sustainable economy because it creates a sustainable platform on which workers can stand and ultimately thrive. Members of a Living Wage community are able to become more self-sufficient; over time, they are able to stimulate the local economy through increased spending. Carolina Mornings is proud to be a part of this sweeping movement toward economic change. As an integral member of our eclectic, beautiful community, we believe that taking care of one another is the first step toward positive, long-lasting change. And by staying with Carolina Mornings in one of our dozens of vacation rentals in and around the Asheville area, you can help support those positive economic changes as well! 
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By: Dana Carrico