Can you really go white-water rafting in October?

Are you a thrill seeker? Well don't think that adventure has to end just because it is getting a bit nippy outside!!
I was looking for something to do this weekend, and you are as surprised as I am when I found out that you can go rafting comfortably, even when the water is less than balmy! I thought that rafting was only saved for summer and that I had missed my chance to go down river on an exciting trip this year.
White-water rafting is a great opportunity to get in your thrills and chills...and there are so many options around Asheville! French Broad Rafting,  located in Hot Springs, NC. Not only do they offer amazing rafting for all skill levels...
AND don't worry about getting cold... they provide wetsuits, splash jackets, booties AND gloves to keep you thinking about the rapids, gorgeous foliage and wildlife up in the mountains of Asheville (and not how cold you are!)

If you stay at one of our Asheville mountain cabin rentals in/near Asheville, NC, you will get ONE FREE PASS for rafting every day of your stay! All you have to do is make the reservation! Once made you can raft every day of your stay for free!!! Savings of $94 for two days of rafting....or a savings of $47/day!!! What an incredible deal!
French Broad offers rafting 7 days a week through October ( you have one more week! Get on it!) These trips take you down the French Broad River on a course of your choice: a 9-mile trip with Class I-IV rapids (5-6 hours), or a 5-mile trip with Class I-III rapids (2-3 hours). Wet suits and splash gear will be provided... just remember your bathing suit underneath and wear layers to keep warm!
I'm convinced. Why should we waste this beautiful weather indoors? (We are going to have enough bone-chilling cold weather this winter!) Consider staying at one of our Asheville, NC cabins when you go white-water rafting on the French Broad River... and be sure to take advantage of our FREE adventures  than will be sure to give you the thrills you've been craving!
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