Asheville, NC Fanaticon!!

So many things go on here in Asheville, most having to do with music, beer, crafts, and outdoors. Once in awhile we get glimpses into the world outside our unique little town... one such glimpse is taking place Saturday, May 15 from 10- 5 at the Asheville Art Museum: this event is known as Fanaticon. It seems that fanatics of comic books everywhere can join together at the art museum and celebrate comics, and being fanatics! And, other non- fanatics are invited to join in on the fun!! The schedule of events ranges from a pre-party on Friday night to a community theatre showing of Little Shop of Horrors to a costume parade to serious talks/ discussions on becoming a comic booker to the after- party... the day is chock full of events, and if entertainment is what you are after, then you are sure to get it here!!

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