Asheville Magic Festival Returning in May

Magic in Asheville

Those who live here know that there is magic in these mountains.  A very powerful, lovely, make-the-adrenaline-rush kind of magic.  But for the second year in a row, Asheville will play host to a very different kind of magic - the stuff of illusion and of mystery.  That’s right - locals and visitors alike will once again enjoy the enchantment of the Asheville Magic Festival!  

What is it?

The Asheville Magic Festival is quickly becoming the premier magic festival of the Southeast and is considered a wildly good time for all ages.  For 3 days, the ancient art of magic and illusion is given the spotlight - from up close and personal displays to stage performances, every aspect of the art will be given due diligence.  This year’s event is produced by Jay Scott Berry and his intention is to celebrate the feeling of true wonder.

When is it?

Over the weekend of May 1st - 3rd, a long list of master magicians will perform their impressive art in and around the Masonic Temple in downtown Asheville.  The event kicks off with the Grand Opening Celebration at noon on Friday the 1st.  Then, at 5 PM, the All-Star Street Magic Gala begins, followed by the Meet the Stars party beginning at 10 PM.  The weekend ends with a Closing Party at 8 PM on Sunday night.  And in between will be shock, awe, fun, and excitement.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to laugh, to gasp, and in general, to have fun!  There will be one-man shows, all-star galas, workshops, a masquerade ball, and so much more.  The event this year has significantly grown, so for those of you who experienced the thrill last year, expect even more fun this year.  You’ll see illusionists, jugglers, storytellers, and conjurers.  You’ll meet local stars, regional stars, national stars and some of the world’s finest performers.  You’ll also be introduced to the youngsters in the biz - The Rising Stars Gala will showcase some of the world’s finest young magicians, some as young as 12 years old.  

Carolina Roost Deck and GrillWhere Can I Stay?

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By: Dana Carrico