Asheville Earth Day celebration April 17

Asheville, NC is a very eco- conscious town where for many people every day truly is Earth Day! We do celebrate "Earth Day," though, and we do it with a bang!! Asheville's Earth Day celebration is on April 17th this year, and it takes place in Martin Luther King Park (which is, of course, centrally located in downtown, and thus within walking distance to anyone who lives close- Earth Day style). Many of our beloved local bands will be performing at this celebration: one of my favorites, The Afromotive; Acoustic Syndicate; The Pond Farm Pickers and more! And, to top it off, this is a FREE event!!
April is a beautiful time to visit Asheville, NC, and why not celebrate Earth Day by visiting a truly earthy town?? Carolina Mornings has some great eco-friendly mountain cabins
for you to relax in, and we offer some great FREEBIES for activities around town when you aren't at the Earth Day celebration. To complete the deal, we have great NC mountain vacation packages to save you money!! Come and visit for some Springtime fun!