5 Reasons to come to Asheville in the winter: Reason #2- The NC Arboretum

Asheville, NC hosts a variety of events for the family throughout the year, even when the leaves have gone and the need for a fire in the fireplace creeps in. This is a great time to come and stay with Carolina Mornings at one of our beautifully appointed Asheville vacation rentals and use our fireplace!! We are constantly offering one of a kind specials & amazing savings  for you to get a chance to use our vacation cabins, and Asheville is chock  full of  events geared for families of all shapes and sizes! 
During the months of November and December, the North Carolina Arboretum hosts a showing of Winter Solstice and holiday plants helping us get in the mood for the season. The showcase includes ideas on how these plants are associated with the holidays, and gives you ideas on how to bring the holidays into your home (why not start with your NC vacation rental?). The showing opens on November 14 and runs until January 3, and at the same time the Arboretum has another exhibit on display that really excites me: American Folk Art Houses and Structures. These small houses and structures represent great artistry from the turn of the century- the 20th century- all in miniature. I have so much fun exploring such tiny dwellings as the Gingerbread House exhibits I mentioned last week (see post Nov. 3) and these small but beautifully crafted buildings are on display at the Arboretum! Bring the kids and be sure to set up your Asheville getaway with Carolina Mornings  to enjoy these holiday events.