Home Staging

Enhanced Home Staging Company
Carolina Mornings is partnering with Enhanced Home Staging Co. and
Kelly Gmach
to strengthen the vacation rental and home buying experience
for both guests and owners. Professional home staging goes way beyond redecorating, it transforms the home into a more inviting and appealing property for the highest number of potential renters or buyers.

Kelly Gmach - Enhanced Home Staging Co.Kelly Gmach provides home staging services to the meet every budget's needs. Contact her today and find out how you can increase bookings, improve reviews, and maximize vacation rental income by having your vacation home evaluated and staged for success!
Listed below are services that Kelly and Enhanced Home Stage Co. offers:

Home Sellers - Whether vacant or occupied, Kelly will create a Detailed Home Staging Report which provides a plan for complete staging of the property. The Complete Home Staging Service includes the actual staging of the property using a combination of the current furnishings, additional items from her inventory and outside rental companies.

Second Home and Vacation Rental Owners - After staging your property, you will be able to update your advertising photos and increase your rental earnings. Kelly can also convert your property into a second home or vacation rental by setting up a management agreement, outfitting the property, and creating a top-notch marketing plan.

Homeowners Needing a Change - Home staging is a cost-effective way to make positive changes on your current home. From where to move furniture to what color-scheme to use, Kelly can rearrange your home for the most functional and beautifying affect.

Combining Households - Let Kelly relieve the headache and stress. She will give unbiased professional help to choose which items should go, which you should keep, and arrange where the kept items should be placed in the "new" combined household.